Well I’m making sure that I drank my water today (even measuring out how much water I drank waking up–the blue glass holds 16 oz if I fill it all the way and drink it all). So today is probably somewhere in the ball park of 72-85 oz (depending if you count the tea or not).

I’m also on day 7 of my limited caffeine intake.  Curious as to what a limited caffeine intake/challenge is??  Basically I’m limiting myself to black tea instead of coffee.  I figured out over the summer that drinking coffee first thing in the morning wasn’t a good thing (indigestion/reflux; and then the burps), and that if I had tea, I could then possibly have a latte or mocha, or some other coffee drink later in the morning. But this isn’t helpful when you are trying to lose weight, and straight coffee is causing issues for your digestive tract.  So basically, until I find a job that requires me to be functional before a certain hour of the morning, I’m cutting back to just drinking black tea (and hey you can find so many different flavors).

New favorite black tea from (c) Bigelow Teas (copyrighted–Bigelow Teas)