Well I should be able to finish today off at about 80 oz of water (a little low, if you go by body weight; but right on track if you go by the color of one’s pee–gross, yes but it is a valid way of judging how much water you drink).

I think I’m more or less getting the hang of making sure that I get about 80-100oz of water in a day, especially since I’ve gone to drinking 8-16oz of water in the morning when I’m trying to wake up (and complete at least 1 Sudoku puzzle).

One thing that I’m going to start doing again so that I don’t get bored with drinking water is putting a little lemon or lime juice into my water to give it a little bit more of a tart taste. I’ve never tried the fruit or veggie infusion trick (mainly because (1) I’d be picking the berries out to eat all the time; and (2) I don’t what to do with the cucumber after (other than eat it), and that could get old fast.

Tomorrow (or maybe I should say tonight), I’m going to start working on the next challenge from the book 52 small changes: making sure I get my zzz’s in (7-8 hours is what is recommended; but what is also recommended is basically going to bed and getting up at the same time every day–that is where the challenge is going to be for me–be consistent in both my bed time and when I get up in the morning). So we shall see how this challenge goes.