Well I’m getting pretty good at making sure that I get at least 80oz of water a day.  Depending on your method of measuring, this might be a little on the low side-but it keeps me going (but with workouts I may start filling 2 water mugs so that I have a good 40oz of water with me during my workout instead of just 20oz).

My sleep was horrible last night–I never fell into the deep, restorative REM sleep that often. It felt like I was just dozing all night long, though I know I slept for a couple of hours at a time. I think the problem was that my evening tea, wasn’t quite as decaf as it should have been, so tonight I switched back to Sweet Dreams by Bigelow.  So, the hot mug of tea is just a part of my sleeping rituals.  The other part is to make sure that the room is on the cool, almost cold side temperature wise (I do like to snuggle under the fleece blankets); plus have a noise maker on (I bought Homedics Sleep Solutions: SoundSpa Ultra from Amazon), and with the choice of 12 different “noises” I’m able to fall asleep each night like I’m outside camping (for now I’m addicted to the campfire background).  This sound machine is portable, rechargable (unplug your iPhone or kindle and use the cord for the sound machine to charge), and it works wonders.  I’m hoping that tonight since I went back to my Sweet Dreams tea, I should hopefully have a good night sleep.  Another ritual lately has been using Cuccio somatology balancing lotion before bed as well–it also has just a hint of chamomile and works wonders.

So the goal for tomorrow is to be in bed by 11 tonight and hopefully up by no later than 8:30 tomorrow morning, feeling more rested than what I was feeling today.  Slowly, but surely these small habits will become second nature and it will be on to the next challenge.  Until tomorrow, remember to look for beauty in everything.