So here is the review that I just posted on Amazon for 23 Anti-Procrastination Habits: How to stop being lazy and overcome your procrastination by S.J. Scott

With figurative curve balls being thrown lately, I realized that I now have the time to start reading more books on personal development. This was one of the many that found its way onto my kindle (and its the second one I’ve finished in the past week and a half). The advice offered in the book is practical, sensible, and written in such a way that you can pick and choose which habit you want to try to cultivate first. Plus, the author points out that the process takes time, and that if you slip, thats fine just keep working on trying to be better than before. Personally, I know that it will take me awhile to conquer my procrastination, but with the choices that this book offers in being able to overcome that habit, I know I will—the author even states that you just need to be patient with the process.

I’d highly recommend this to anyone who is working on personal development, and is willing to admit that they have a problem with procrastination.

So now the post is going to be a little longer than what I posted on Amazon:

My major take away points were:

Create S.M.A.R.T. Goals for areas of your life that have current personal significance.

Write down ideas that always pop into your head

Create project lists

Create checklists for everything

Batch similar routine tasks together

Create self imposed deadlines

Become publicly accountable

Start small

Reward yourself

Develop project based skills

Take a 30 day challenge

And always be patient with the process.


So in addition to doing a 52 week small change challenge (that I’ll be blogging), I’m also going to start doing 30 day challenges (and blog them here to be held publicly accountable).