Water was on basically on track today for about 80oz (I will be the first to admit I lose track when I’m filling my 20oz mug up constantly).  I think that I’m basically able to function more or less on black tea (this is day 11 of my no coffee (or limited coffee) challenge) in the mornings. As much as I love coffee, I love not having to deal with indigestion first thing in the morning even more.

Sleep was wonderful last night (not counting the hour lost due to the thunderstorms and the fact that we have 4 dogs that do not like the storms). So I went to bed about 10:30 last night and got up at about 9 this morning (when you take out the hour lost to the storms, I’m averaging about 9 hours of sleep)–this is still slightly over the recommended 7-8 hours, but who knows in a week I could be down to 7-8 hours (depending on weather and various other issues).

My hopes for tonight’s sleep challenge is to be in bed by 11 (or at least in bed by 10:30, so that hopefully I’ll be asleep by 11), and then hopefully awake by 8-8:30 tomorrow morning; still getting about 9 hours of sleep but slowly working back towards 7-8 hours (to where hopefully I can wake up early without having to set an alarm when I start working either part-time; full time; or a lab tech (for free with the idea of getting my name on papers).

So until tomorrow–remember, beauty is all around us, we just have to open our eyes and recognize it.