Well, the water was better than  yesterday (I was going to the bathroom more often, so I think I was drinking a little more).  That challenge seems to be on track for now (will keep track to make sure that I don’t slip up all that often; some slips are fine–we’re only human after all).

Sleep was good–I was in bed at a decent time and actually up at a decent time (still about 9 hours, but hey–we’re slowly working back towards 7-8; before my job ended I was only getting about 6-7 hours during the week, so I think I’m still playing catch up on the sleep).

Off the couch challenge is going to be just that–a challenge.  I’ve just slowly realized how much moving around I did with my job, and now that I’m home I start getting jumpy after awhile (but usually only M-F; weekends I seem to be fine with sitting on my tush). The way I stayed off the couch (or daybed) was marching in place to get the steps in (which is my go to thing 99% of the time) while watching a movie (this afternoon that was Independence Day 2).  Tomorrow will be doing house work and slowly starting to go through things in my room and discard what I don’t need or want anymore.  Another small challenge is trying to pare down on things that way when I move I won’t be adding to many more boxes to what is already in the storage unit.

Tomorrow will be getting up at a “normal” hour; cleaning the house; paring down on junk in the bedroom; getting the steps in; and starting week 3 of Shift Shop.

Until tomorrow: Remember, beauty is all around us; just open your eyes and your heart. Also love conquers all.

Namaste.  🙂