I’ve realized that when I have something interrupt my sleep, that is usually when I can sleep later in the morning.  Deep breathing exercises are going to be tried if I keep running into the problem of my mind deciding to kick into overdrive at an early hour and keep me awake.  Next week could be an alarm week (depends on how the job interview goes Wednesday and a few other things).

The “Off the Couch” challenge is a little more difficult than I thought it would be–the weather is to muggy to be outside doing yard work or walking around the block with the dogs (unless I do that in the early morning hours); I can only do so much house work before I get bored; so I end up marching in place to movies. Tomorrow might be a little more house work (or maybe going to Belk to get a new pair of dress/interview shoes if I can’t find my current pair).

Water was about 65 oz or so today (I still have a mug to drink, but I also have my mug of decaf sleepy time tea to finish as well).  One think I have noticed that I need to do–make the daily to-do or goal list so I can make sure that I’m keeping on track for various things (plus need to make my list of SMART goals and break those down into easy, step by step goals and rewards).

One thing I have noticed over the last two weeks–for the most part the indigestion that usually has been induced by anxiety and stress has been gone; I only have the slight indigestion before bed, and that could be due to the tea, water, or who knows what. But for the most part I’m not having to deal with acid indigestion or reflux; so being put on layoff status, and cutting out the coffee has help to reduce the anxiety quite a bit.

I’m slowly but surely getting my anxiety under control. The next step will be trying to keep a journal with me so that I can journal whenever I start to get nervous (instead of rewriting different books in my head; I have a habit of taking characters from different series and then melding them together into a new series in my mind).

Have to see how tonight’s sleep goes to see how long I sleep tomorrow morning, and then decide what I’m going to do to try to stay on my feet for most of the day (that doesn’t involve just marching in place to movies).