So I’ve decided that I’m going to tackle a challenge that was basically present in all three of the personal development books that I’ve read lately. That challenge is cleaning up the clutter. Unless you have been raised in a household that regularly gets rid of stuff, OCD (which I have a very mild case to where I can go over the entire spectrum—have a room totally messy to then going on a total cleaning spree and having the room spotless), or just a decent housekeeper—you probably have the room(s) or drawer(s) that are overflowing, cluttered, dusty, and just a mess. Reading these books got me to realize that part of my anxiety issue probably does stem from the fact that I live in a messy house with my parents (though truthfully when I was on my own in Boston, my apartment was cluttered, dusty, and could have been considered messy by other peoples’ standards). So I’m going to tackle the two rooms that I have more or less total control over: my bedroom and my bathroom (though the bathroom isn’t that bad since I went on a mild cleaning spree a couple of weeks ago). There will be a side-by-side comparison of the bedroom and my takeaway thoughts when I complete the challenge (which will probably take me a few days to do so, even though the room isn’t that large—I do have a few other things on the plate that I have to take care of as well).

Hopefully with starting to clean up the clutter, the anxiety will dwindle a little and I can focus on other matters as well. Humans have become creatures that need more and more stuff, and I think I have finally figured out that the stuff does nothing but create more and more anxiety (at least for me). So I’ll see you at the next posting………..