So I’m going to be bouncing between several personal development books for the next few weeks. One of them is 155 breakthrough questions to accelerate massive action by Barrie Davenport.  She suggests that you tackle one or two questions at a time (usually over the course of a week), before going to the next one. So far I’ve tackled the first six questions, and will be posting my answers here and in a few weeks/months come back to them and see how they may have changed over that time period.

So the first question is simply who am I?

I am a scientist, a teacher, a mentor. I am a feminist. I value education, science, facts, and nature. I am a pagan, but I am also an atheist. I am a believer that there is no supreme being who made us in their own image (there is to much hate in the world for this to be true). I want a life where I can give back (through scientific research, or teaching and mentoring the next generation of scientists and teachers). I want to be a world traveler. I want to be appreciated for my contributions, and I want to make my own way.

I am a liberal who believes in equal rights for all, that women can make the right decisions for their own bodies, that you should be able to marry who you love. I believe that love will always win in the end (even if the battle/war is bloody and long).

I am a normal person with real phobias, that might not make sense–but they are my demons that I have to live and deal with. I am a student, who is always willing to learn, and needing to decide on what that next subject is going to be. I am a budding photographer, an budding artist, baker, or as I may be calling myself a jack of all crafts.

Finally, I am me–a unique individual, who is trying to find her own way in this crazy, twisted, world that is has the faster, faster mindset and has forgotten to slow down, and stop every so often in order to smell the roses. I want a job I can enjoy, but not feel guilty about leaving work at work; a life outside of the job.