Well it finally happened–I either royally bruised my little toe, or I broke it.  How you may ask?  Well, you see I was vacuuming the dining room rug and moved all the chairs into the kitchen, and after emptying the vacuum canister I was going back to the vacuum cleaner and I might have whacked my foot on the edge of a chair.  Now did I know those chairs were there?  Of course, I’m the one who put them there. Was I watching where I was going–yes.  Is this the first time I’ve done that? No–but it is the first time that it has resulted in a extremely bruised (or possibly fractured) toe.  Now as long as I’m not wearing shoes, it doesn’t hurt that much–but put on shoes, it starts to throb a little.  Didn’t think about it until dinner time, when I kicked off the sandals and saw how swollen and purple the toe had gotten (mind you I whacked it about 11 in the morning). So now I’m trying to sit with ice around the toe (which is an pain the posterior), in hopes that it brings the swelling down enough that I can put on shoes and socks tomorrow. Though it did get me out of mowing the yard (which means I now have to think of a different way of getting my steps in).