So this is question number 4 from “155 breakthrough questions to accelerate massive action” by Barrie Davenport.

So how have/am I living outside my integrity? Having to deal with a boss, who didn’t value everyone within the workforce. I know I should have spoken out several times and called him out on various things, but I also try to avoid drama (especially work drama) whenever possible. Having gained weight back and probably being at my heaviest since I was an undergraduate studying at OSU. Having a job, where you are expected to generate results for students in intro classes (though they think they are doing the work; at least during the semester–they realize the following semester that they didn’t do the work).

I would like to get a job where everyone is appreciated and respected for their jobs, and the higher-ups realize that everyone has off days and are only human.  Also would like the job to be in a different region of the country–I’m getting a little tired of having to “hide” things from other members of the family. This isn’t fun, because the item is really “hidden”, the other member knows where it is, but can’t sneak it like they could when it was in other parts of the house. Stress isn’t fun, but ways have to be found that don’t include indulging in bad habits (and I’m putting myself in this statement as well).

So basically, I’ve been working at a job that I felt underappreciated, not respected, only little room for learning and evolving skills and didn’t have a good balance of work and home. And I allowed those problems to affect my health, fitness, relaxation, creativity, and intuition.  Everything was being sacrificed for a job that didn’t pay me what I was worth (I was barely earning a paycheck that would go to someone with a BS–and I have my PhD), and left me feeling unfilled and stressed.