So how can I get back to living within my values and with integrity again? One, I need to place priority back on my health and fitness. This means getting in some workout daily (right now I’ll include marching in place to get the steps in), eating better (less processed meats and carbs; more fruits and veggies), and putting more effort into my own personal development. I also need to put in the time for professional development as well.  I need to read more (both personal and professional), take a few courses online to gain new skills, and determine the best way to control the anxiety induced indigestion.

Work wise I need to listen to my intuition when it comes to how I feel about jobs that I’m offered. Right now I’ll probably just be volunteering to learn new skills to put on my CV, but when it comes time for the paycheck-I need to listen to the voices if they think something is off.  Life shouldn’t be all work and no play, but that is how my life has been lately (mini-vacations aside).

I need to try to figure out how to enjoy life, while still surviving the scientific rat race, or decide which other rat race I may want to slowly ease into.

My health is slowly improving since the job ended, but there are still issues that need to be addressed (anxiety-induced indigestion for one), and I now know that leaving the state again will be for the best, as there are too many bad childhood memories (being picked on in school) that seem to always dampen my resolve when I least expect them.

A new avenue, a new job, a new me looks to be required.