Since I’ve injured my left pinky toe and am in the middle of reading “Rise Sister Rise” by Rachel Campbell; I’ve found myself googling the metaphysics of feet. What I’ve found so far is interesting—I could say that my bone disease isn’t responsible for my warped feet, but life is. For example—both my big toes are crooked (or as I like to say—they’re hugging the second toes), but metaphysically this could be due to (1) I’ve settle for less or have been pushed off my life path; so who knows maybe if I wore corrective shoes growing up I could be on my life path. My second toes seem to be “normal” which means that I seem to be a decent communicator. The middle toes, well the left (feminine) seems to be normal, but the right curves slightly under my second toe. The fourth toes seem to be fine—both are as straight as can be. The little toes are where I seem to develop the most blisters (on the bottoms), and it was the left little toe I seem to have either royally sprained or potentially broke. Does it seem cosmically funny that the left little toe is about trust, and that is one thing (at least work related) I have trouble doing—trusting those above me to be honest and treat me with respect. I will admit that I am have a little trouble trusting myself that I know what I’m doing in terms of trying to find a new job or start taking classes again.

So, based on what I’ve found on-line the toes have meaning and I’ve been ignoring my toes and feet, so the universe sent a wake-up call to me today.

Big toe on the right foot is self expression of joy; The second toe on the right is in regards to wishes and desires; the middle toe on the right is in regards to how express aggression; the fourth toe deals with attachment and the little toe deals with fear.

The big toe on the left foot is self expression of sorrow. The second toe on the left is in regards to emotions; the middle toe in regards to expression of creativity; the fourth toe in terms of love, and the little toe deals with trust and sex.

So based on looking at my feet (and the wake up call from the universe) I have issues with how I express both joy and sorrow (I’m not walking my true path), I have issues with my rage (I bottle it up, since the toe tries to hide under my wishes and desires), and I have issues with earth elements (which is funny since I’m an earth sign).

I’ve also realized that this is the third injury on my left side—I broke my left wrist when I was 9, I bruised the hell out of my left calf a couple of years ago, when I had a bike accident, and now I’ve bruised or broke my pinky toe on my left foot. So it looks like the left side of the body is considered the “feminine side”, or the receiving side. This is the side that is controlled by the right side of our brain. This is the side that indicates our ability to ask for help, to receive help, surrender to someone helping us, to nourish and care for others; this can also include trying to express (or suppress) your feminine energy in a male-dominated environment.

So looking at things from the metaphysical prospective it isn’t surprising that I’ve injured my left side more than my right side (which is work dominant). I’ve been raised to make it on my own (though I’m currently living with my parents due to unemployment and prior to that a poorly paying job), so it has always been difficult for me to ask for help—I didn’t (and don’t) want to feel like I’m not pulling my own weight. It is also difficult because I try to help out around the house and to a certain extent I can, but at the same time there are other issues that I can’t help with that are troubling.

Would I like to meet someone who would understand my nature—of course I would; am I afraid to venture out to find that person in case I get hurt and can’t find that person—yes. I know there are good and bad people out there, but I think that I’ve ventured a little too much on the safe side and that is causing an metaphysical imbalance that I need to start slowly trying to straighten out. I doubt that I will be getting 100% back on my path, but I’m confident that if I slowly start making the strides I can make it 75-90% back onto the path. While I’ve said that I don’t want children, what I’ve always meant is that there is adoption—have a biological child is not needed, but at some point I might adopt, as there are hundreds of children out there that could use a stable home.