Well decided to see if I could handle shoes and socks today–I could.  Therefore I logged into beachbody on demand and tried out Sculpt 45 from the Shift Shop.  This is the resistance training program for the third week (which I had to postpone due to the bruised toe last week and the severe anxiety attack the week before).  I made through 40 minutes (with only a few mini-breaks for water), before I called it good.  I know that I’m getting stronger–I’m getting better at the pushups (even though they are done on my knees), and I can do several of the exercises with the 8 pound weights instead of the 2 pound weights.  I also managed to get a little over 12,000 steps in for the day (and if I manage that many for next 5 days I’ll meet my monthly goal of at least 310,000 steps).

I’m slowly remembering that it doesn’t matter how many little breaks I have to take throughout the workout–if I’m sweaty and out of breath I’m doing it right. Trying to get healthy and fit is a lifestyle change that requires a lot of baby steps going forward (and acknowledging that there will also be steps backwards as well). No one is perfect, all we can do is strive to be the best that we can, and listen to our bodies, nature, and the universe when it comes to shedding the old to find the new.