As I sit here, I realize that tomorrow would be marking a month since my last day at work.  I’ve been enjoying the time off doing a lot of personal development/discovery. But I’ve also realized that I miss doing science at times–do I want to be doing 40+ hour weeks again, right away—not unless the project is something that totally interests me and has me looking forward to each day. Volunteering to work in a lab to either learn new skills, or to have my name on a paper–yeah, I can do that right now. The reason–it’s on my terms–I can determine my hours (for the most part), and decide if I want to work everyday or not. Plus it will still leave time for personal development and fitness as well.  I’m determined to use this time between jobs a little more wisely than I’ve used previous times and try to figure out exactly who I am meant to be, and what I am meant to be doing.