So as I’ve been reading different personal development books, they have me looking back on what I’ve written with other ones.  One of the core questions that I’ve noticed in several of them is “how/what would you fix/change in your life right now?”

So I’ve been asking myself over the past month several questions:

What do I need to do to get my fitness/health routine back on track?

I’ve realized that I need to workout regularly again–I did manage to basically make it through the Shift Shop (lost 4 pounds and probably 16 inches during the program).  I’m starting another round of Country Heat, and then come October I may do another round of T25; or I may start my own hybrid calendar of beachbody workouts that incorporates both cardio and resistance training (both of which are needed for weight loss). I know that I need to drink my shakeology consistently (which I do manage at least 5 days out of the week), I need to cut back on both the refined carbs (pastries, cookies, buns) and processed meats [basically watch what I eat]; and drink more water.

What do I need to change to ensure I’m not ignoring my creative side?

Since I’ve started getting back into photography–I need to make sure that I have either my iPhone, or my camera ready to take a picture; and then I should try to upload those to the computer in a timely fashion.

I need to spend time finishing up my afghan that I started several years ago, and then spend time actually plotting out a design for an afghan (or scarf) and knitting those. I need to buy myself a crochet hook and teach myself how to crochet.

I need to spend time plotting out different designs for jewelry and other crafts.

I need to spend more time (or time in general) baking more healthy snacks and breakfast items.

What do I need to do to make sure that I’m taking enough time in the day/week to relax and recharge?

I need to make time to meditate.

I need to make clear time boundaries between work and home (including any homework).

I need to make time to do yoga (yes-this is actually dual purpose, since yoga can be considered exercising).

What do I need to do to ensure that I’m still pushing myself to learn something new (both personal and professional)?

I need to make time to brush up on foreign languages that I took in high school (Spanish and German), and then maybe learn a new one?

I need to work through the two e-course bundles that I’ve bought (coding and project management).

I need to continue reading personal development books, and work polishing the aspects about my current life that I’m not happy with.

Find a lab (or labs) that I could volunteer in as a technician to learn more skills to make myself more marketable.

What do I need to do to ensure that I’m not a stepping stone for someone else in the work place?

I need to stand up for myself and the work that I do.

I don’t have to “argue” and “fight”, but be firm and stand my ground that this is my work/project and it isn’t going to be handed off to someone else.

What do I need to do to ensure that I still enjoy research, but don’t burn out?

I need to find a lab that honors the idea that there is something else in life other than work.  If I find the project interesting, yes I may work more hours than the normal 40-50, but at the same time I’m not going to sacrifice my health again for a project.

The project/lab should be something where I am learning several new techniques and will be able to apply those throughout the project, and I’m not just doing the same thing over and over again for a year or two.

What do I need to do to ensure that I’m treated with respect, and that my work is actually appreciated?

I need to ensure that who I work for is someone who shows respect to everyone around them, and treats everyone as equal no matter what their education level is or what their job is, or  their connections.


So these are my current answers to how I can go about trying to fix some of my out-of-alignment core values in both my personal and professional life.  These answers may change over the course of the next several months, and probably over the next year.  It will all depend on how much and how quickly my inner light is able to shine through, or if I try to keep it contained and just settled.  I’m getting tired of just settling.  The spirit is getting tired of just settling, so we shall see, so it will be, so we shall see, so it will be.