So, it is mid-September and we’ve had more and more different animals coming through the back yard.  It is the time of year when birds and other animals either start to migrate south, or really start stocking up on the nuts and seeds for the coming seasons.

Ruby throated hummingbird at the hummingbird feeder

This is just one of the many ruby throated hummingbirds that has been passing through the yard. We’ve been getting upwards of five to six of these beautiful little birds buzzing through to both the feeders and any flowers that are stilling blooming.

Possible rat snake that decided to come through the yard

One draw back of feeding the birds is that it usually starts to attract the rats and mice (not saying that those animals aren’t cute–but they can cause A LOT of problems), but when there are rats and mice to eat, you can occasionally find a snake. This beauty was hunting in the backyard, but had to be relocated to the side yard to be saved from the dogs (who don’t like other predators in their yard).  I’m pretty sure that this was a rat snake and not a hog-nose snake since while it stayed still, it didn’t let out the horrendous odor that the hog-nose usually does when it plays dead.


A praying mantis came to visit one night

The other night I had to go out to call the dogs in since they were barking up a storm (there were probably raccoons and opossums moving up and down the creek bed), and I noticed that a praying mantis had come to visit.  I take it a sign, that I need to continue working on my patience, and not overly worry about my current job status; I also take it as a sign, that I do need to honor my promise to myself that I’d start spending more time mediating and slowing down and enjoying life.

Blue swallow-tail butterfly came through the yard.

Butterflies are also migrating through the neighborhood this time of year as well.  This beautiful blue swallowtail butterfly bounced around the backyard for a while this past Sunday. It decided to rest in our ficus tree, allowing me to get this wonderful picture.  We’ve also had monarch butterflies, painted lady butterflies, and others passing through as well. Since monarch butterflies are still trying to bounce back, I’ve just ordered some milkweed seeds from that I’ll be planting late this fall so that hopefully come spring/summer next year there will be milkweed blooms that will attract monarch to the yard.

With all the hate that is spilling out throughout the world, remember that there is beauty all around us. We just have to open our eyes, and our hearts to the natural beauty of the world. Let’s take the time to admire the butterflies that flutter past us when we’re eating our lunches outside; slow down when driving to give wildlife a break–remember they aren’t encroaching on our territory–we’ve encroached on theirs. Everyone and everything on this planet is part of the same large circle of life.

Take a deep breath in, and release it. Remember–life isn’t just about making it in the rat race, it should be enjoyed as well. Even if it is just a walk around the block, or playing with a pet in the backyard.

Beauty is there–lets just open our eyes and heart to let it in.  Namaste.