Decide to switch things up a little today and post a video of my cat Pancakes playing with a hair tie.  This miniature panther (as she is also referred to as Pancake the Panther) is the biggest reason why I have to go out and buy hair ties.  I will even buy them after getting my hair cut, just so she has something to play with (yes, I spoil my cat).

I can just see people going “Pancakes, really? How did you come up with that name?”  Well, the story behind her name is simple–my parents had just adopted a Russian Blue a day or so before I adopted my cat (well kitten then) and had named her Waffles (the reason–is my dad waffled on saying no to my mom). So I decided that if we were going to have two kittens roughly the same age, they’d be a “set” for awhile. So I was debating between Eggo and Pancakes–needless to say Pancakes won.  Can’t picture Eggo the Panther, it just doesn’t have the same sound as Pancakes the Panther.