Well trying something slightly different. Instead of numerous blog posts about my trip to London, I made a new page–but linked the page to the blog. So if you hover over the blog link you should see two other links pop up–one for the trip to London, and the other is about a little day trip I took a few weeks ago with my parents to the Tall Grass Prairie Preserves outside of Pawhuska Oklahoma.

Posts are going to be sporadic, as I’m trying to get back into a routine of sorts. I’m still job hunting, and in the same breath trying to figure out if I can find one or two labs to maybe volunteer in, in order to learn new skills to add to my CV/resume. I’m also debating on whether or not I may want to just volunteer at say the hospital or library for a few hours a week (to have variation in my volunteer area of the CV/resume as well).

Life is all about how we handle challenges and how we reinvent ourselves as needed. I’m at the large intersection of life, where I see numerous different roads going in different directions, and pretty soon I need to just start heading down one of those roads–do I know where the road is headed?  No, do I need to know where the road is headed?  No–while it would be nice to know where the road will be taking me, half the excitement/fun in theory is on the journey.

I’ve proven again that I have no qualms traveling on my own (though there were a few things I didn’t do, mainly because I was on my own), but I know in theory I can handle what comes my way–I just have to also let go and trust that the universe has my back, and it is sending me exactly what I need, when I need it.

I wonder who I’ll meet on the new journey? I wonder where the journey will be taking me? I guess pretty soon I need to flip the coin(s) and pick the path, and start blazing the next chapter of my life.