Looking at the calendar and a week from tomorrow is Halloween. That means that October is almost over, and that there are only two months left in the year!  Where in the “bleep” did the year go??

I’ve also realized that I’ve been officially unemployed for almost three months now–there is a slight possibility for an interview within the next few weeks for a position at my alma mater that will give me a few more technical skills to add to my resume for trying to find an industry position. If that doesn’t pan out–I’m going to have to try to find a part time job for the winter/spring that will also allow me to learn a few more technical skills.

Today started week 2 of T25 Alpha Round. It was Alpha Cardio–I did slightly better than Saturday–though I’m totally substituting modified jumping jacks or marching in place for the lunges right now.  I think that I may just need new shoes and that will help a little with the problem, but new shoes aren’t in the forecast for awhile. So until then (and until I strengthen my left quad/hamstring a little more)–substituted exercises are going to happen.

See, I try the exercise (even modified) once or twice, and if I have problems I try to figure out what I can sub in for it that should still allow me to get my heart rate up and slim down.

I’m also trying to limit the amount of processed carbs (breads and buns) that I eat this week. Have managed to do well today (only had the hamburger bun and three small onion rings), so we shall see what the rest of the week brings.

I’m also trying to find balance between everything that I have on my metaphoric plate–volunteering in a lab (to keep up on skills and to get out of the house for awhile), personal development (reading and journaling), professional development (networking, job searching), fitness and health, plus trying to see if an MBA is what I want to do by trying an on-line Scientific based MBA module course.