Where did October go?? Halloween was such a chilly day yesterday, I was amazed that we even got any trick or treaters (though I do remember a few years growing up that were chilly as well). Only a few porch decorations went out this year, unlike years in the past. Hmmm… Maybe I should think more of a small house than a condo to buy, whenever I figure out where I’m going to be setting down. That way come Halloween I could decorate the porch like this:

The porch decorated for Halloween in 2009.

So looking over the goal list that I wrote at the end of September, I realize that I only really made it through of the goals for the month—and that was going to London.

London Bridge over the Thames River

I’m thinking that I’ll be starting the burped challenge over (though modify—that instead of a set number, the number will be based on the day of the month); so technically I still need to get in one burpee tonight before bed.

I’m hoping to make it to 4 million steps by the end of the year, though I know I’m going to fall short on today’s step goal which means I’ll have to play catch up for the rest of the month (especially if I follow the habit I’ve been having of sitting on my butt most of the weekend).

My personal and professional development reading wasn’t that great last month—I’m still working through the two books by Barrie Davenport, and then started “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’m almost done with that and should be by the end of the week. Moon Spells is up to the spells portion of the book, and is a little slow to get through, but I will get through that as well. The other books that I’ve finished this month were a couple of romance novels: Gansett Islands Episodes: Episode 2 Kevin & Chelsea by Marie Force; Labor Day in Lusty Texas by Cara Covington; and A Case of You by Tymber Dalton. These are three of my favorite authors (that I usually preorder, or purchase soon after the books come out), and would recommend to anyone who doesn’t mind steamy, sexy, and slightly erotic modern day romance novels. Episode 2 is MF; Labor Day is MFM; and A Case of You is MMM.

I spent quite a bit of the month job searching, building a network on Linkedin, volunteering in lab, and trying to get into some type of groove. Need to try to keep myself to the goals this coming month. Also I’ve realized that I’ve fallen behind on the 52 week challenge as well–so I will probably be starting that over as well come Monday. So without further ado::

November’s goal list is:

390,000 steps (but no less than 345,000)
Make it through my new 30 day burpee challenge
Start my new job (new post coming on this)
Work on the SMBA program modules
Finish “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” and write & post review
Figure out what the next personal (or professional) development book to read is
Continue reading & working through the two books by Barrie Davenport
Try making my own 30-day agenda calendar/notebook
Continue T25 (but restart week three next week).