So one of my challenges to myself is to become a better photographer–whether it is using the iPhone, or a digital (or analog) camera. I’m currently saving up to buy a more complex digital camera that the one I currently have–mainly because I’d like a camera that has a slightly better zoom, and hopefully takes better pictures at night). The challenge is to try to take (and post) a picture every day (or at least every other day) for 365 days.

Waffles Sleeping under the Christmas tree

So day one of the challenge (actually the picture was from yesterday), is of our Russian Blue cat Waffles sleeping in the cat/dog bed under the Christmas tree. The bed is usually sitting on the log holder, but since we were having a fire, it was placed under the tree, and doesn’t she look angelic?? This is one half of the breakfast duo, and a third of the a$$hat 500 derby team that races through the house at night, or really when ever the mood strikes them.