Well it is still winter—not that I mind winter, but I’d like a mild winter (where the temps are in the thirties or forties), not this yo-yo winter it looks like we’re going to be having. I mean we have days where we’re in the fifties or sixties (and it feels nice and cool), then all of a sudden we’re dropped back down into the twenties overnight. Today barely got above freezing, and tomorrow is only suppose to be barely get above twenty for a high. The main reason for my complaint is that I’m getting tired of having to figure out how many layers to dress in the morning, and which layers to wear (sweater and turtleneck; sweater and long sleeve shirt; sweater and short sleeve shirt)–also because I have to many ways of mixing and matching the layers. Though if I believe in the weatherman, this coming Saturday is suppose to be in the sixties before it dives back to the forties.

Pancakes’s opinion of today’s weather.

You can tell when it gets really cold during the day–Pancakes likes to go and burrow under the blankets on my parents’ bed–though I did catch her sticking her one paw and tail out for a few minutes before she pulled them back in under the covers. The other cats and dogs will just curl up just about anywhere and sleep–my cat, if its cold–she is going to be under blankets somewhere if she can’t be curled up on my lap (like she is doing while I’m trying to write this blog post). She has always been a cuddler, and even enjoys getting under the blankets to cuddle as well at night.

Though that is one nice thing about the winter weather–the warm drinks that you can have (hot tea, hot chocolate, hot apple cider), sitting in front of the fire, knitting a new afghan (which I have currently started), oh and warm fuzzy socks.