As I sit here trying to think ahead for the year, I’ve realized that right now my posts have been a mixture of the photography, book reviews, and the different ways I’m going about trying to “set goals and resolutions”. Right now, the photography posts are the quickest and easiest to do, with the hopes that I will actually be taking a new picture each day.

The book reviews, are a way for me to reconnect to my enjoyment of writing, and also to see if I can share my thoughts in a clear manner (is it working?). Though I’ve also realized that even those aren’t getting done as quickly as I’ve thought and planned (at times I run into writers’ block at trying to convey the same message as the book author but differently (don’t want to always be either quoting or paraphrasing).

I’ve also realized that since this is a blog that is following both my personal and professional development through different aspects of life, that I also will need to share a little back story on some of those aspects (difficulty with weight loss, and other issues)–so I’m slowly drafting those stories to share as well.

There will also probably be a political rant or two as well (I will try to keep those to a minimum here), but at times I may just not be able to help myself (so my apologies to anyone who might disagree with those posts), but they will be a reflection of how I’m feeling that particular day on the current political environment that we are in and how I think it is effecting my life.