While the weather is doing its bouncing from really low and cold temperatures to decent mild temperatures–most of pictures for awhile will probably be the animals. The cats have been good photography targets lately. This morning Pyewicket was sitting on my shoulder demanding her cuddle time with me–then she decided that she’d sit in my normal spot at the table and stare back at me. Pyewicket has developed this routine lately of wanting me to pick her up and either cuddle with her, or walk around the dining, living, and family rooms with her on my shoulder. Its amazing at how quickly she will move to get high enough for me to pick her up when she hears me coming down the hall from the back of the house.

Pyewicket sitting at the table

I’ve realized that when I move, I’ll probably need to get a kitten (within a few months) for Pancakes to bond and play with (since Pyewicket and Waffles will be staying with my parents [since they are their pets]), since its been several years now since she has been on her own as the only cat in the house. Though I will also be taking an aquarium with me, so there will also be fish for her to watch.