Well today’s picture is brought to you by yet another sticker.

I’ve realized that as I’m working on both my various personal and professional development projects throughout the year, I can’t let the little slip-ups hamper my progress. Some days I know I’m going to be on my game in regards to getting everything checked off in the planner and that my nutrition is going to be on point.

Other days, I’m barely going to check anything off and I’m going to go off and get a large caramel high rise latte and a chocolate chip cookie because of my mood. Everyday is different, and we react each day differently as well.

Good Idea to remember daily

We just have to remember that no one is perfect (and that perfection is a myth anyway [what one person might think of as perfect someone else may not agree with]), and all we can do is try to be a little bit better than we were yesterday. I can say that I was a little bit better today than I was yesterday–today I only bought one chocolate chip cookie, whereas yesterday I bought two.