Well the week is half way over, its hump day, and also chore day. One of those chores was filling up all three bird feeders again (I do at times try to do it daily, since the gold finches really like the back feeders and they are usually empty by the early afternoon the next day). So while I was filling one of the feeders, I look down to the other one and what do I see?

Well–guess who I caught eating the seeds?

I see one of the many neighborhood squirrels hanging upside down from the grape arbor trying to eat the last of the sunflower seeds from the feeder. Now these guys have been so crafty, that I’ve actually had to try to tape the clasps for the top down so that they couldn’t open it.

Usually we can have one of the dogs chase the squirrels off, but then they usually just sit in the crab apple tree (or up on the wire) and wait for the dogs to go back into the house.

I’m just glad that the critters (either squirrels or the occasional raccoon and family) didn’t knock it down and try to run off with it. There was one time when I found it a good thirty or so feet away from where it was suppose to be hanging.