Tonight’s photo is brought to you by Pancakes. She has claimed that I’ve been too busy doing things today (like being at work), and now it is time to pay attention to her. Therefore she has more or less taken over my lap–luckily, the laptop has a long cord and I can place it to the side and still try to get some work done as well tonight.

Pancakes the lap kitten

Pancakes likes to sit on almost anyone’s lap (though my mom doesn’t like her to be sprawled, so tries to regulate her to leaning on one leg only). I can do that, but only if the other leg is bent behind her, therefore giving her the illusion that she has my entire lap to herself. She also likes to make sure that she can see the rest of the room (that way if she wants chase one of the other cats, she has a clear path to them). She is cute at times when she gets on my lap before I can move the laptop, and she slowly starts to stretch out and push the laptop further and further down my lap (or she just lays across my forearms making it difficult for me to be able to type anything).

Do you have any pets that try to limit your time with electronics?