Well the month is over, and I guess I have to say that 2018 has officially started. Its hard to believe how fast each month seems to fly by–I could have sworn that yesterday was MLK day. But it wasn’t and Friday is Groundhog’s Day. So I’m wondering is it going to be another 6 weeks of winter or 6 weeks until spring? I’ve always found that funny–because either way its another 6 weeks until spring, which means its still going to be 6 weeks of winter.

Someone is grumpy this morning.

Today’s picture is one of several that I took of Pyewicket the other morning–she went from looking grumpy to being cuddly to being playful all within the span of about twenty minutes. Usually in the first twenty minutes that I’m up–I’m double checking that I’m getting dressed properly.

I’ve never been a morning person, and I’ve never really been an night owl either–I’m more of an afternoon type person. But I can fake it in the mornings (or actually just get up a good two hours before I need to actually be at work, and show up early–that way I’m “awake” enough to be able to interact with others).

Pye usually runs through my morning emotions/motions several times before I leave–its the other two that are more loving and seem to be morning cats (or at least demand their fair share of attention).