I couldn’t see the moon yesterday to get a picture of it. I managed to get one this morning while I was waiting for the bus. I like how it looked through the trees.

The full moon this morning

One of the things I’ve been trying to do is work more on my spirituality. I know for a lot of people, that means promising to go to church more, or read more scriptures, or something to that effect. Well–that isn’t me. Not to say that I don’t believe in a higher power (I do), but I just don’t follow any of the three major western faiths. Depending on my mood, I can vary between being an atheist and a wiccan/pagan (also it depends on which could irritate the person talking to me more–if the topic has anything to do with religion).

Lately I’ve been more in an wiccan/pagan type mood. One of the books that I’d read last fall was Moonology by Yasmin Boland. Basically this book talked about the two major phases of the moon (full and new) within each zodiac sign, and also the twelve different houses. I learned that depending on when you were born, and depending on whether you went with your sun sign or your rising sign, they (the new moon and full moon) could be in two totally different houses.

Lets take this full moon for example–Right now it is the astrology sign of Leo. If I go with my birth sign (Virgo) it would be in my 12th house, but if I go with my rising sign (Scorpio) it would be in my 10th house. So what does that mean?

With it being in my 10th house (this is also the career zone), it means that I have work related issues to take care of over the next two weeks [which I already knew–I’m getting trained on a (for me) new piece of equipment over the next few days]. I’m also going to be asked to try to find a work/life balance as well over these two weeks. It’s also fitting that it’s in the career zone, as I’m hoping to narrow down the types of positions I want apply for in industry.

With it being in my 12th house (which is the secrets zone), it means to take a little time out, meaning meditating more or trying to practice yoga. The secret zone is where you are nudged to look at where you might be sabotaging yourself with your own behavior. This is the house or zone, that tries to remind us we’re all growing and we should forgive ourselves of anything we feel ashamed of.

Can I name an area where I’m sabotaging myself? Yep–I know that I haven’t dialed in my nutrition 100% yet, and even though I’m getting back into some type of workout routine–You can’t outwork or outrun a bad diet. As long as my nutrition is fall at the 65-70% level that I’d peg it at–I’ll lose a little weight (or several inches), but the real payoff won’t be until I dial in the nutrition, and 1) stop getting snacks at work (unless it is a small cup of fruit), and 2) I need to start cutting back on the processed foods (meats, cheese, breads)–then I know I will start seeing the results.

So no matter which of my houses I choose to look at for this full moon–there are some things that need to be worked on.