Well this is one picture I was hoping that I wouldn’t be posting for at least a month or so. Today we had to say goodbye to one of our dogs.

Spelunkers was the young/middle dog in our household for the past decade.  She was an beautiful great Pyrenees/Australian shepard mix (though the people we got her from claim there was some German shepard–we never saw any traits of the German shepard). She was a unique combination of two unique dog breeds.

She escaped our backyard once and went on a two-three week “adventure” around town, before someone saw her, called animal control, who in turn called my mom. She always was checking to see if the cats left any food (or knocked any out of the kitty condo).

The “devil dog” collage

She loved to chase squirrels, her walks (especially around Boomer Lake), and just running crazy laps around the backyard.

Hope you are having fun with Speedy at the rainbow bridge and that her and Slasher are introducing you to the others. Until we meet again. Miss you and love you Spelunks.