So I’ve realized over the past few months, that I should still be pushing myself to learn new things (both personal and professional), so that I don’t allow my career (or life) to grow more stagnant. I’ve also realized that after graduating with my PhD, I stuck to certain things when it came to reading (though I still read scientific papers due to trying to write for research fellowships), and it was enjoyable reading that I clung to over the past few years.

There is nothing wrong with enjoyable reading material, especially when it allows one to be able to function the rest of the day dealing with negative people. Now I’m just trying to balance that enjoyable reading with more non-fiction reading as well (see the list of books for the 101+ goal challenge). It is one thing that I’ve been off on the past week (when I get stressed, I fall back to things that make me feel happy and secure and reading romance novels does that for me).

So how am I trying to continue my educational journey (I mean I do have my PhD)? For starters, I’m trying to find a decent (if not free) online program for learning at least one foreign language (I’m planning on starting by refreshing both my Spanish and German). I know that being bilingual will be helpful no matter where I move or what position I transition into within industry. I just haven’t found a good program that I like yet.

The second thing I’m doing is working through several electronic course bundles that I’ve bought over the past six months (programming, program management, and the sigma six bundles)—this is just taking a little more time due to trying to make time for them. In addition I’m working through another module of material that will give me some idea of MBA material for going into industry.

I’m continuing my personal development by teaching myself how to make jewelry (namely bracelets and necklaces right now), plus I’m thinking of taking up painting [probably more abstract, as that is what I like to draw], and I’m continuing with my knitting. I’m working on my spirituality by focusing nature, the seasons, and yes even the changes in the stars. I’m working on self-care by trying to mediate every night, getting back into a nutrition and fitness routine, and trying to develop a night time ritual before bed.

I’m hoping that by next year to invest in a better camera so that I can get some good pictures of the moon as it moves through its phases, the stars, and other nature inspired photographs.

I’m also in the process of trying to flesh out an IDP (or an individualized development plan—more on this in another post), for continuing this educational journey. Though for that [in terms of professional development], I need an idea of what type of position I’m thinking of going for in terms of industry.