Well it was cold enough again this weekend that the pond froze over again. This is one of the two pictures I took of the pond this evening as I was outside filling up the bird feeders for the birds and squirrels.

The freezing pond…..Take number????

It was nice to see that the bubbler was still bubbling, but at the same time the wind has blown enough of the water onto the brick that it has formed a good layer of ice at the edge. This has all the dogs (including the youngest leery of walking to the edge to get a drink of water), the oldest two can get water in the house–the youngest still seems to be afraid of the kitchen floor for some reason.

better view of freezing irises

Here is the view that the animals have when they try to get a drink. The ice covers about a fourth of the brick (I think the design sixteen small squares broken up as four rows of fours). I know that it should be all melted by tomorrow night (hopefully) since we’re suppose to warm back up, but then we slide back down into the winter temps again on Friday.

I’m starting to wonder if the pond is going to be able to handle these freezes and thaws and when the breaking point is going to be for it???