I’ve mentioned earlier that one the areas that I’m trying to improve is spirituality. I’m taking a different approach from most people (I am not a church goer, nor do I believe in the bible [other than seeing it as book of fiction]). I’ve always been drawn to the older “religions”—the ones that worshiped multiple deities, especially those associated with nature.

While I’m not a firm believer in astrology, I don’t rule out that at certain times of the year I tend to focus more on certain things (and I’m learning that those times may coincide with a particular house that the new or full moon is traveling through). So this year, I’m going to try to focus on learning more about the phases of the moon and how they can help me in narrowing down goals for each month.

So I will always mention which house the new moon is in for both my rising sign (Scorpio) and my star sign (Virgo). But when I make my goals for that new moon (and even the full moon), I will be basing it off of the house in my rising sign (Scorpio).

The first new moon of the year was on January 16th and was in Capricorn. I went by my rising sign (Scorpio) for determining my goals for this new moon.

According to my rising sign it was in my 3rd House (if I went by my star sign [Virgo] it would have been in my 5th House).

The 3rd house is the communication house. So this fit in perfectly with some of the things I was trying to work on. (Though not all of the goals are communication based).

My goals for the new moon in Capricorn included:

Have 100 blog visitors by January 20th

Have 200 blog visitors by February 14th

Start four conversations on Linkedin with connections I already have

Invest up to 8K in a short term CD (leaves about 12K in savings)

Get two customers to order something from beachbody

Get down to less than 195 pounds.

Update on the first set of New Moon Goals:

I managed to get and surpass the goals for the number of visitors to the blog (currently there have been over 230 visitors to the blog this year; and it is close to doubling the total number of visitors that I had for the last four months last year when I started the blog). There were over 200 visitors in the month of January alone–so THANKS to everyone who has stopped by this blog.

I’ve managed to have four or more conversations on Linkedin (I started several and have responded to several others); though I know I need to try to have at least four going at any given time.

I’ve managed one small sale this year with beachbody, but it is under the payout price, so I need to make at least one more small one before I get any payout (this is something I need work on). I need to try to reach out to more people and start sharing the benefits of beachbody workout (and nutrition) programs.

As far as the finance and weight loss goals are concerned—I haven’t reached those yet (or in terms of the finance, had the time to go talk to someone at my bank and weight–I haven’t been on a scale yet). But the year is still young, and those weren’t really related to the communication zone, so it isn’t surprising that I didn’t fulfill those. These goals will be creeping up again as the moon travels through the houses that are related to both finances and health.