Tomorrow is the second new moon of the year, and is found in the constellation Aquarius. According to my star sign this is in my 6th house, while going with my rising sign it is in my 4th house. The 6th house is your daily work and health zone, while the 4th house is your home and family zone. So sticking with how I did my new moon goals last month, I’ll be going with the 4th house in terms of making goals again for this upcoming new moon.

So with going with home and family zone, I’m going to try to focus on straightening up and de-cluttering various areas of my home and family zone. So some of the goals are going to include:

Submit the decluttr order (sell back quite a few DVDs) and start making a third decluttr order.

Set up an cleaning schedule for my bathroom (I have a terrible habit of letting the bathroom get really dirty before I go OCD in cleaning it) and try to stick with it.

Reorganize my closet and the overflowing pile of clothes.

Take some sick leave (hopefully) and spend at least one day working in the storage unit repacking and reorganizing things.

Continue trying to figure out the next job position.

According to Moonology by Yasmin Boland, there are several things one should do during each new moon (depending on the house). So with the fourth house (home and family zone), the things one should try to do include:

Having a “Garage sale”

Hugging your parents

Sorting out your photo albums/digital photo files

“Inviting Friends over”

Renovate or redecorate so you’re more comfortable at home

“Sell your home and/or change location, or even country”

“Ask your grandparents about your family’s history”

Things in “” are either things I can’t do (talk to my grandparents for one—they’re all dead), or things that aren’t possible at this moment (moving–well I’m going to be moving, it just isn’t going to be during this particular new moon cycle or having a garage sale [truthfully this is a giant pain in the rear to do anyway, so no–I do not foresee this for quite a while]).