Today’s picture is brought to you by Throwback Thursday. I decided that instead of posting one of the pictures I’d taken this morning of the animals sleeping, I would go through my digital photos and randomly pick out one from a trip that I’d done at some point.

The picture I chose was one of a dusty sunset in NYC taken from the Empire State Building. It is also one of the few that also managed to get the Statue of Liberty in it as well. I’d taken the bus down from Boston to spend the weekend with a friend before moving back to OK.

Sunset picture taken from the Empire State Building in NYC

It was my first time in the Big Apple, and had managed to see a couple of sites–The Empire State Building, a little bit of Central Park, and the Brooklyn Bridge (and that Statue of Liberty from both the bridge and the Empire State Building). I’d like to go back for another visit (maybe even longer than 36 hours), and spend some more time touring around the city that doesn’t seem to sleep that much.