Well I’ve been slowly working on the personal and professional development over the past week or so. One key aspect has been trying to figure out what my old “core values” were and what my new “core values” are. So far I’ve managed to come up with a nice long list of words that I think in someway help define who I am and who I want to be. My “old core values” aren’t going to disappear, they’re just going to make room for the new ones as well.

So now, that I have the list of values I need to figure out which ones I want to bring to the forefront this year as my “new” core values. These values may be for either personal or professional growth, and I figure if I chose about six to eight (or more) I have a good chance of having an even mix for both professional and personal core values.

Word Collage


Back when I’d read “Declutter Your Mind: How to stop worrying, relieve anxiety, and eliminate negative thinking” by SJ Scott & Barrie Davenport I’d come up with a list of values that I defined at that time (see the post here) and while some of those are ones that I know I need to keep, I also realize that there were better terms for them and then there were the ones that just needed to exchanged for something else.

My list from late last year really did describe how I wanted to be treated but not what I wanted to do or to be; that is why the list needed to evolve and change.

My health and fitness goals are still important, but can be summed up as my vitality.
I want a job that has flexibility, but also synergy (good combination of teamwork and collaboration—which is needed if one is going transition into an industry position).
Adroitness is another core value (defined as cleverness or skill; synonyms include: skill, proficiency, accomplishment, capability, talents).
Other core values include Cognizance, Openness, Creativity, Curiosity, Fascination, Exploration, Evolution, Intuition, Empathy and Dignity.

As I start to figure out which type of industry positions I want to aim for, this list may change a little bit more. Also as the years go by, the values will rotate depending on where I am in my life and career—though I can say the ones that will always be on the list include: Intuition, Empathy, and Dignity.

So the new list for 2018 can be defined as: Vitality, Flexibility, Synergy, Adroitness, Cognizance, Openness, Creativity, Fascination, Exploration, Evolution, Intuition, Empathy, and Dignity.