So I’ve decided that I’m going to shake up my photography challenge a little. Repacking my assorted calm box goodies that I get every month, I realized that I’ve gotten in three different boxes of pop-open cards that have different messages written on each card.

I’ve decided that throughout the photography challenge, I’m going to highlight a different quote or saying.

Today’s quote came from the dream box.

Series of Pop Open Cards

The quote “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting” by Paulo Coelho’s 1988 novel The Alchemist.

This quote speaks to me in that I’m at a point in my life/career to where I’m trying to decide what I want to do with my life, and one of those things is a dream of doing more traveling. But in order to do that I have to venture out a little beyond my comfort zone in terms of getting a good paying job that will give decent vacation time, and a salary to where I can both survive and save for bring the dreams to life.

I think dreams are one thing that keeps the world going. We all have dreams of what we want to do with our lives (as a child I dreamed of either being a teacher or a marine biologist), places to go (I still dream of visiting various ancient ruins around the world), and things to do (I’d like to go kayaking or canoeing through the boundary waters in northern Minnesota).

We just have to remember to keep dreaming and trying to reach for the stars.