I just had to take this picture–Boozer was “sharing” her couch with Pancakes, and then Pyewicket was sleeping above. It isn’t all that often that we’ll find a cat sleeping that close to the youngest dog. Boozer has a habit of wanting to herd everything (and everyone) at some point–or wanting to play with them. The cats, she usually tries to herd out of the room (I think she is still upset with Pyewicket for jumping out of the closet at her when she was a puppy).

They’re sharing the couch (at least for awhile)

Pancake does care who is around when she curls up on the sofa–and she had taken Boozer’s prime spot–the middle cushion. Though she allowed Boozer’s tail to share the cushion with her. Pyewicket was in her usual spot on the top of the couch in the middle, where she can observe everything or just curl up and ignore everything.