Well decided to switch things up a little and today’s photo is a motivation quote or for me a reminder—to chose my own path. While I’ve decided on several different paths that I could take transitioning out of academia, the real trick now is to try to figure out which path I want to take. What is seeming so scary is the fact that I am heading out into a unknown territory–I can make it in academia (I’ve been in it in some shape or form half my life), going off that path seems scary right now, but at the same time intriguing.

                         Monday Motivation

I’m thinking that I should almost start drawing out the bubble map–to where I’m currently in the center bubble, but then there are numerous different ways that the story could go depending on which bubble I move to from my current one. There’d be bubbles for the different career choices, and then bubbles for some of the more pressing skills, or knowledge for those careers, followed by bubbles on how I could go about trying to learn those skills or gain the knowledge.

If the first step in determining what you want to do, is knowing what you don’t want to do–I’ve got that step done. I’m now on to the second step–trying to determine what the end will be so that I can craft the story to get to the end.