Well yesterday was an off day and I forgot to post the photography challenge of the day. So I’m doing a double post today.

The lucky winners are of course the pets.

Boozer snoozing in front of the chair

Since work was canceled early yesterday, Boozer was having to snooze on the rug, as Pancakes (see bottom photo) had taken over the couch.

Boozer peaking over the back of the couch

This morning as I was drinking my morning Shakeology, I noticed that Boozer was peaking over the back of the couch into the dining room at me. I think she was wanting to convince me to stay home and spend time with the animals.

Piranha sleeping on the couch

The second oldest dog, decided that she was going to just lay there and stare blankly at me while I was taking her picture (though I don’t think she actually could see me since there weren’t any shadows for her to go off of). Piranha, being old (she is going to be fifteen come July) is slowly going completely blind, and luckily her sense of smell is still good and that is what is keeping her on her straight and narrow.

Pancake claiming the couch

As mentioned above, Pancakes decided to take over the couch and forced Boozer to sleep on the floor. Pancakes decided that the middle of the couch was her territory for awhile and kept the dogs off the couch for awhile.