Well today’s photograph is brought to you by Chewi. Chewi is the eldest dog in the house, as she will be sixteen the end of May. I know a lot of people ask about her name (especially when they hear me call her Chewbecca—yes, I know that the Chewi in the movies is male, and I’m perfectly aware of the fact that my dog is female).

She got her name Chewi, because she chewed on just about everything when she was a puppy. She is the responsible party for the reason why the ficus isn’t as large as it could be (as she had chewed off two-thirds of it). She also hasn’t met a tomato that she isn’t willing to eat.

Chewi lounging around this evening

I also call her Chewbecca, because as a puppy she was a little fuzz butt. She has been able to maintain that youthful puppy personality for quite awhile and it has only really been within the past year that she is starting to slow down just a little. The last time we went for a walk around Boomer Lake, it took us a little longer than usual, mainly because Chewi didn’t have her normal speed and attitude for the long walk. Now I know that when we go up there, we’ll do a short walk, she can splash in the water (because what retriever doesn’t love water), and then we’ll head back to the house.