The Leo Full Moon

So as we’re transitioning to a new full tomorrow, I thought that I’d pop in briefly and update on how I did with looking to matters from last month. So, I decided that I should probably stick with my rising sign when looking at the houses (as that is what I’m doing with the new moon)—decided it would be too confusing jumping back and forth between the two [rising sign versus star sign]. So last month, the moon was in my 10th house, which was my career zone—so what did I managed to get accomplished last month career wise?

I started to learn how to use some other equipment in the core facility, and now will be explaining it to others in how to use it as well. Plus I joined another smaller group within the Cheeky Scientist Society (this one to help me figure out if going into R&D is really something I want to do), and I narrowed down the list of potential positions to say 6-8 (adding in two since again I’m not sure if I want to be staying in research or not).

Those positions are:

R&D research scientist (and working up to R&D manager)

Health Economics and Outcome Research

Market Research Analyst

Product Manger

Technology Transfer Officer

Quantitative Analyst

(Adding in):

Patent Agent


I’ve also figured out what I don’t want to do (which is also a good step in the right direction)—I don’t want to have a job that requires a large amount of travel, so that took about ten jobs off the list. So there are still numerous ones that I can go back through and read about again to see if any of them also appeal to me.

I’ve also realized that the transition is going to take work, and I have a idea of what the next steps are going to be looking like (in no particular order):

Determine if I do want to do research or not (stay in the comfort zone or move out of the comfort zone).

Determine which branch of industry I want to go into (as there are several):






Consumer Product


Nutrition/Health & Food

Then once I’ve determined the top three branches of industry (if that is what I want to do), determine five to seven companies (within each branch) that I think I could be a good fit with.

Then start researching those companies, and figure out who I could start networking with to have an informational interview with, to hopefully at some point land a referral for an actual job interview.

Revamp my linkedin profile for the top two or three positions that I’m thinking of going for.

Figure out what other education (skills) I might need and start going after those.

Revamp my resume for the industry/company (in terms of having one on hand during any face to face informational interviews), and to have to send in case its asked for during the phone informational interview.

Network more with my current connections (and keep reaching out to make new ones).

So while I may not have narrowed the list down to a particular job title or even specific industry niche, I have removed about a fourth of the possible industry positions that a PhD could go for, just by stating that I don’t want to travel extensively.

So even though the moon has moved out of this particular house, I’m still going to be working on these goals, even as I look towards the next house and seeing what little things I could improve upon during the next lunar period.