Change of pace for the photography challenge–this is one that I took about a month ago, and managed to upload to the computer a few weeks ago (once I remembered where I had stored the cord for the camera).

It was one of the nice warm days toward the end of January, and I had decided that I would spend a little time outside and see what creatures were out and about. One was this squirrel that decided that it needed a little more vitamin D and was sunning itself on the top of a tree stump on the side of the house.

Squirrel sunning itself

Living next to the creek and an block from a small wooded area, we have a lot of critters come by the house–the squirrels probably live in the pecan tree in the back yard. I’m actually wondering what is going to come through this year–the raccoons, the mallards, the turkeys, or all of the above? The raccoons and mallards like to eat the bird seed at the side of the house (I know the raccoons have been through at night–mainly because of their poop that I found), but it is still a little early in the year for the mallards (who depend on water being in the creek as well).

As we start slowly getting warmer, and the day starts to last a little longer, I’m hoping for more wildlife and nature photos as well.