So today’s full moon is within the Virgo constellation, which depending on the sign I go with (star–Virgo or rising–Scorpio), is either in the first or eleventh house. Since I’ve gone with my rising sign for the past few new and full moons, I’m going to stick with that tradition for this one as well.

So the eleventh house, is your friend zone. This is a time where one works on their relationships, and networks. So in an way, the universe is trying to push me into getting my butt in gear and trying to get that industry position. So with focusing on the friend zone for the next full moon cycle, I’m going to start (1) networking more [both adding more value to my current network and work on expanding it as well]; (2) try to get together with local friends for either lunch or walking around Boomer Lake on the weekend at least once; and then (3) reconnect with friends on facebook that I haven’t talked to in awhile to see what is new with them.