So we’re on the second weekend of me getting up at a set time (with an alarm), we’ll see how tomorrow goes. So I’m getting closer to getting a set sleep schedule set up, it may just take a couple more months before I’m getting up at the same time daily.

As for the off the couch challenge I’ve realized two things: 1) I’m fairly active during the day at work (for the most part), to where I’m getting at least 250 steps an hour [fitbit tracker], but 2) I’m not that active on the weekends—I’m trying to play catch up on stuff on the computer, so I’m sitting on my butt more than I’m moving. Plus the weather is getting nice, so I really just want to sit outside and soak up some vitamin D. So I’m going to have to come up with ways to combat my sitting on my butt during the day on the weekend (and I do realize that there may have to be an alternative plan in case it is raining out).

Today for example, I took the three dogs (one at a time) for a walk around the block before and/or after dinner. This allowed for me to give them some brief exercise and for me to get some of my steps in (I’m slowly getting tired of marching in place to movies). Tomorrow I may try to do the same thing, but maybe spread out through the day [to where the dogs may get multiple walks]. Also during the week (depending on where I’m at step wise), maybe I’ll walk the dogs before or after dinner as well to get the steps in and get some additional exercise. Though I may also try to do some more yard work (weather permitting) to also be up and moving around.

I also need to charge my iPod again, that way I can also just dance around the bedroom and get some exercise in that way as well.

I’m thinking with the computer work, since there are numerous videos to watch in these different modules, that after each one I may march in place for fifteen minutes (or straighten something up), to get the blood flowing again before sitting back down and doing more computer work.

Other ways of getting my steps (and getting off the “couch”)—using a smaller glass/mug for water [therefore I will have to refill it more often]; folding the clothes out in the laundry room [instead of carrying the basket back to my room]; and using the kitchen sink to fill the container that I use to refill my aquarium [slightly longer distance=more steps].

This is about the time of year that I slowly start fading on my step goals, due to the weather getting so nice, and me just wanting to sit outside and watch the birds. I know that there are numerous ways to get my steps in on the weekend that aren’t just watching a movie and marching in place, I just need to figure out which one(s) I can consistently do, and do them.