Well nothing like coming down with the flu (variety B at that) to derail a week. I really haven’t gotten much of anything accomplished the past two week–I haven’t posted on here since last Monday (which means I’m over a week behind in my photography challenge), I just had my shakeology (making it ten days without having it; with my sore throat–I want something hot going down the back of it, not something cold), and I haven’t written in my journal since the fifth (actually need to start the new one).

I had assumed that I just had a really bad case of allergies earlier last week (woke in the middle of the night with a slightly scratchy throat but assumed it was just allergies). The sore throat got a little bit better on Wednesday, but then I started to develop a fever (which I know doesn’t go with allergies). So I used yesterday as a sick day for the most part (did clock in for a whole thirty minutes to get some work done), and hoped to either sleep it off or have enough hot tea going down my throat to kill the germs off.

Well–I woke up on the ninth still feeling like crud (throat was killing me; and I was still running a fever). So I decided to head to the walk-in clinic and find out if I had strep throat, or hopefully a really bad case of allergies. Well–it turned out to be the flu (I didn’t get a flu shot last fall), and luckily [depending on your opinion of lucky] I was still within the time frame that I could be prescribed temiflu for trying to deal with the symptoms and shorten the duration of having the flu.

Needless to say I was still out for two more days of work (decided to stay home until I was done taking the temiflu). I’m just starting to actually feel like I have any energy to be able to do anything (which isn’t saying a whole lot). I’m going to have to almost start over with trying to get my sleep pattern regulated (needless to say I didn’t have an alarm set the past two weekends). I’m also going to be behind on the total number of steps for the month (since I didn’t get close to the goal either day this weekend and there were a good five days when I wasn’t feeling well that I didn’t get the steps in either).

I’m hoping that with feeling better, I can get back on track with everything that I need to be doing (job searching [figuring out what exactly I want to do with my life and career [basically figure out the answer to the following question: “What am I passionate about?”]], personal and professional development, and getting back into a workout routine).

All I do know is that having the flu sucked (I don’t like being ill), and that I really do need to move on with my career, which means making the time to complete all the different development courses I’ve bought, and start reading all the different development books that I’ve bought over the past few years.

I’ve also realized that I need to start adhering to the following advice, and I shouldn’t “be afraid to fail”, I should only “be afraid not to try”. I also need to “evaluate the people in [my] life, then promote, demote or terminate. [I’m] the CEO of [my] life”. I also need to remember that “not caring what other people think is the best choice [I] will ever make”. Also need to remember “how beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged”; and to remind people that one “[shouldn’t] mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, & my kindness for weakness”. And finally that “difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”.