Well today is the first day of spring, so to celebrate I found a picture from last spring of the peach bush in bloom. Both the peach tree and bush are currently in bloom, but I haven’t been able to get a good picture of them yet, so I decided to start the photography challenge with a throwback photo.

Where has the month gone?? I mean we’re basically two-thirds of the way through it. I mean I know I had the flu at the beginning of the month, but how are we already heading into the twenties?? I feel like I need to slow down time some how so that I can get a lot of stuff checked off my to-do lists (once I get them made of course).

Peach Blossoms

I have to admit that my two favorite seasons are spring (when everything starts to bloom, flower, and leaves start coming out on the trees again), and then fall (when the temperatures start cooling off from the heat of the summer, and the leaves start to turn colors). Summer and winter are tied for third place. I don’t care for summers in Oklahoma, mainly because it gets so damn hot, and if I manage to get a job back east I will have to deal with the winters (and the snow). I know that every place is different in terms of weather, when the sun rises and sets and all those other fun meteorological facts and phenomenons, so I know that I will have to adjust to something no matter where I end up moving.

I’m hoping this year that we may actually get a small peach crop from the tree (we didn’t get much of one last year), and there may be some fresh peach preserves this summer for the occasional English muffin for breakfast.

I’m hoping that this year I won’t fall into the same routine that I usually do during the spring/summer months and spend my entire weekends sitting outside enjoying the weather. Now I know that there isn’t anything wrong with that–it’s just that when I do that, I usually fail to get in my weekend steps (and usually the workout and any other work I was planning on doing). I’m hoping that if I start trying to get my sleep schedule back on track, I can spend the early morning sitting outside with a cup of tea, and not feel so bad if I’m inside doing computer work for a chunk of the afternoon.

I’ve realized that I’ve started to ramble toward the end of what was suppose to be an introduction to spring post, so I’m going to end here saying that there will be more posts coming over the next couple of weeks that covering everything from personal and professional development to an update on how I’m doing with my job search.