Well I’m going to try to make another go at a 365 day photography challenge. One nice thing about it being within the 101+ goals for 1001 days–I have 1001 days to try to go 365 consecutive days with taking a photograph (or using one that had been taken within say the past week). Only days that might have older photos are either throwback Thursday or flashback Friday.

Gold finch at the feeder

Today’s photograph is of a young male gold finch at one of the feeders in the backyard. This little guy literally almost flew into me on its way to the feeder, and then sat on the feeder for quite awhile. I managed to get this nice close up picture of it, and it only flew off when I tried to pet it (I’m glad it didn’t try to nip me–I don’t think I’d want to try to explain that to the doctor).

The backyard has been overrun with birds the past week or so–we’ve seen mummers of starlings, numerous red-wing blackbirds, cardinals, sparrows (of all sorts), mourning doves, woodpeckers, flickers, and the occasional blue jay and mocking bird–plus numerous other ones.