Well I realized that next week will have to mark the second restart of my photography challenge (or maybe tomorrow), as I didn’t post a picture (or anything) the past couple of days. I guess I’m still slowly recovering from having the flu still.

One thing that I have to do this weekend, is start up the second volume of my bullet journal (which I have now gone two and half weeks of not doing since coming down with the flu). I do better when I know that there are things to check off, and I have some idea of how my week is suppose to progress. I will be getting better at nutrition now–I went and did the free wellness checkup today (mainly to get the numbers and to make sure that everything was still within the normal range). Good news is that everything is still within the normal range, the bad news is that its closer to the almost trouble range as well.

I know for a fact that my nutrition has been off point more than on point for the past couple of years. Having my shakeology daily (or even weekly), and a mini workout doesn’t balance the amount of processed foods I’ve been eating. I think that it is time for me to go back to trying to have salads for lunch (with a vinaigrette dressing) or something that doesn’t have a lot of processed carbs (i.e. no bread or wraps), and making a protein shake for dinner whenever that meal is more processed than I prefer. Getting the nutrition under control will allow me to lose the weight, even when I stick to low impact cardio.

Getting the wellness checkup was the little push I need–the numbers are still good, but they’ve crept in the wrong direction (towards the real trouble zones), and if I don’t want to have to take medication for them later, I need to get the situation under control now. I’ve also realized that when the sweet tooth comes zooming out–there are times when I’m good at controlling it, and other times when I give in to it (this afternoon is an example of that).

So I’ve managed to start the bullet/to-do list/everyday journal yesterday. Hopefully I will be getting back into some healthy habits if I can color a box to say that it’s been done. I’ve also realized that with trying to find a new job, I will in theory be juggling almost three full time jobs (since I’ve been told that networking and job searching should almost be treated like full time jobs on top of the already full time job that I have). So yeah I think the alarm clock is going to have to be set for the weekends so that I can get some stuff accomplished instead of just sitting on my rear all day long.